102. 4Daagse Nijmwegen (NL)

17. - 20.07.2018

60th participation of the Swiss march detachment

14. - 21.07.2017

Nijmwegen (NL)

-official March
-according to special Instruction

4 x 40 km ...
... amongst the Dutch landscape around Nijmegen and the Camp Heumensoord, which is always the Start and Finish. Cheered on by the many spectators, we are marching at times in the city or in a rather rural area. But the Mountains we miss every Year!!! Of course, we also  cross the historic Waal Bridge. To commemorate the Canadian Soldiers who have fallen in this place during the Second World War, we paused for a Commemoration (Video below) on the third Day in Groesbeek.
On the fourth Day our March ends at the common entry on the '' Via Gladiola '' in Nijmegen.
Camp Heumensoord
_Wake up Call at Camp Heumensoord_
_Commemoration Groesbeek 2014_